In view of the profound influences brought by-Biomedicine Technology on social life,dialogues and communications between scientists and lawyers have become imperative in maintaining the stability and prosperity of social communities.CMU therefore establishes,the Master Program of Laws for Science and Technology to address the vision.

As the first medical university  in central Taiwan to start the academic program on the Law for Science
and Technology, CMU intends to branch out its scope and realize the long-terms goal of transforming
into a comprehensive university.

The Master program of Laws for Science and Technology  does not require a law degree for enrollment.
In addition to basic law courses, the curriculum mainly consists of two parts: Biomedicine Law group and
Patent Law group. The Biomedicine Law group covers medical law, medical malpractice claims and genetic engineering.
The Patent Law group concentrates on practical issues associated with  technological innovation,
such as intellectual property law and patent litigation. Upon graduation, our students will be able
to expand their career options to the field of lawyer, judge, discipline inspection officer and patent engineer, etc.