Course Description

Program planning is 2 years, Courses planning mainly divided into four parts, foundation of law (basic law course), biomedical law, intellectual property rights and elective course and school project, respectively.

The basic law course is mainly providing students who didn't study law to build the basic legal professional knowledge and ability. In addition to the basic law course, this block also included the training of the legal documents, in order to help students in law thesis writing and practice of the complaint, petition and the development of legal contract.

Six courses were planned in the biomedical law block, including medical laws and regulations, medical litigation practice with the new legal issues, such as medical technology, new courses will be establishing according to actual demand in the future. In intellectual property rights group, besides to the introduction of intellectual property laws and regulations, other courses were practice orientation that students can have the ability to use the patent system, protect and fight for the rights, and processing requirements of the patent cases; We will try our best to arrange patent lawyers and patent engineers with patent law background and practical experience in this part of the course. For the elective courses and school project, except giving students other courses to choose, for a law student, after the waived of credit hours of the basic law courses, elective courses of different law field and biomedical technology professional knowledge can also be attending.